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  • Lot 0184. JULIO ROMERO DE TORRES - Portrait of Joaquina Márquez Rodríguez


    Cordoba 1874 - 1930

    Portrait of Joaquina Marquez Rodriguez

    Oil and tempera on canvas

    Signed (also on the back)

    Measures 44 x 39.3 cm


    - Private collection, Madrid (heirs of the portrayed)

    The young lady represented here is Joaquina Márquez Rodríguez, daughter of Enrique Márquez and María Rodríguez. Her father, born in El Puerto de Santamaría, was a Marine and a Dentist. She always worked with the famous Florestán Aguilar y Rodríguez, "King's dentist" Alfonso XIII since 1900, the date on which she had replaced Fernando Ibáñez. He lived married in Madrid and her children were born here, two boys and two girls.

    Joaquina was born in Madrid in 1910 and was a student of the Black Ladies. She died on December 19, 1931 in Davos, Switzerland, where she had been hospitalized for months in a hospital specializing in tuberculosis, a disease that she had contracted and that ended her life.

    We thank Mercedes Valverde Candil for her help in cataloging this work.

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  • Lot 0347. MANUEL COLMEIRO - Return from fishing


    Pontevedra 1901-1999

    Return from fishing. 1930

    oil on cardboard

    Signed and dated 1930

    Measures 48 x 60 cm


    Antonio María Campoy, "Critical Dictionary of Contemporary Spanish Art", Ed. Ibérico Europea de Ediciones, Madrid 1975, reprod. p. 89

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  • Lot 0437. PEDRO SANDOVAL - Soto as a pretext 1


    Venezuela 1966

    Soto as a pretext 1. 2017

    painting on resin

    Edited by Way Out Gallery, Madrid

    Measures 180 x 140 x 90 cm

    This work is part of the Meninas Madrid Gallery 2017 project, placed on Paseo de la Castellana, it suffered some damage and was restored by the artist.

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